Jefferson Park

July 8, 2007

An early departure time of 7:30 allowed the hike to start shortly after 10:00 a.m. Under clear skies the twelve hikers headed up the path which wandered through tall trees, areas littered with blooming indian paint brush, bear grass, crunched through small patches of snow and crossed creeks to arrive at Scout Lake. Perfect! Daphne was the only brave one to dip into the lake. A few of the hikers headed to Russell Lake which is the farthest lake in the meadow (okay maybe six blocks farther!) After resting and lunching, the crew headed back to the cars to complete the 10.2-mile day. The happy wanderers were: Marianne Camp, Paul Flashenberg, Jim Fritz, Dick Hildreth, Ellen Sather, Evelyn Nagy, potential members of Peggy Aptecker, David Aptecker, Susanne Twight-Alexander, Brad Bennett, and co-leaders of Daphne James and Laurie Funkhouser.

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