Sourgrass Mountain/Alpine Trail

July 1, 2007

I dedicated this hike to Bob Holmquist and Helen Smith who, between them, led 10 Obsidian hikes to Sourgrass Mountain in the 1970s and early 1980s. Then several clearcuts overran the trail. After 23 years, ours was the first Obsidian hike through this area. As we drove from Westfir up to the trailhead at Windy Pass, those of us in the lead car saw two fuzzy creatures along the roadside: twin bobcat kittens turned to look at us before bounding in to the forest. The trail begins with a short section through giant old growth trees, then enters regrowing harvest units before reentering old growth for the climb to the top of Sourgrass. Openings along the way gave some views of Cascade peaks. Beargrass at the large summit meadow wasn’t blooming this year, but patches of other flowers brightened the walk in the forest and sunny openings. After some exploring around the mountaintop we descended toward the saddle to the north. We decided we needn’t continue to Elk Camp Shelter, and after lunch and relaxation turned back to cross the mountain on our return. A very congenial group sharing this beautiful day, all members: Jennifer Baer, Mari Baldwin, Rob Castleberry (leader), Laurie Funkhouser, Steve Gunn, Pat Hutchins, Patty Macafee, Fran Nearing, Nola Nelson, Clare Tucker.

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