Mt. June-Hardesty Mountain

June 24, 2007

No one signed up for this trip, so I took my five year old son, Bradach, to the top of Mt. June.

After a hearty breakfast at Buddy’s, we left town around 9:30 and arrived at the trailhead at 10:30. After 45 minutes of walking in the 50 degree forest with cloud cover, we reached the summit. We had a PB&J, and some gummys, and admired the view. Several self timer pictures were taken, which Bradach enjoyed.

We then started down. The trip down was actually a little slower than the trip up. We admired the rhododendrons, a slimy green slug, and all of the trees that had fallen over the trail and then had been cut to allow passage.

We managed to avoid the rain and we had a wonderful time.

Hikers were Bradach Peevers, honorary member, and Rich Peevers, leader/dad.

Rich and Bradach on top of Mt. June

Bradach on the Mt. June Trail

—photos by Rich Peevers

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