Marion Lake

June 24, 2007

What a lovely trail through old regrowth and mixed old growth over six feet in diameter. We noted a dozen kinds of trees, five ferns and a score of wild flowers in among the five different kinds of weather. We passed by Lake Ann and its lily pads with nesting geese and blackbirds. There was a side trip to Marvelous Marion Falls… a phenomenal cascade.

Marion Lake is a jewel surrounded by forests and lava flows. The south side is recovering from the B&B fire four years ago. During lunch on the rocky peninsula, Three Finger Jack peeked in and out from behind the clouds. The leader took 183 (kept 127) pictures, so we had a leisurely and observant journey. Enjoying the outing were the “Pretty Pack of Pikas”, Daniele Delaby, Julie Dorland, Joanne Ledet (also drove), Carol Petty, Barbara Schomaker, non-members Charlene Pierce, and Susanne Twight-Alexander. The Pikas were accompanied by leader Jim Pierce.

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