The Cottage Resaurant

June 23, 2007

After postponing this ride twice because of rain, we were finally able to go. The weather was beautiful, blue skies, lots of white fluffies and a gentle breeze. Great biking weather. We rode from Pleasant Hill High School by rolling back country roads to Cottage Grove. Everything was still green with wildflowers alongside the roads. My thanks to Lyn Gilman-Garrick for getting us from the intersection of Sears and Row River Roads onto a lovely little bike path that winds through a wetlands with lots of water, foliage and birds. We came out very close to the restaurant. The food was great and embarrassingly plentiful. We all cleaned our plates! The ride back was equally enjoyable. My thanks to nonmembers Lewis Luchs and Paul Garrick and members Stewart & Kathy Hoeg, Dick Moffitt, Darrell McBee, George Jobanek, Lyn Gilman-Garrick and Sam Houston for making this such a wonderful day.

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