Opal Creek

June 20, 2007

Lovely day with a lovely, low maintenance, and easy going group of people! We drove the back roads to Opal Creek and enjoyed the drive. The hike was easy, along the meandering Little North Santiam River, to the beautiful green pools of Opal Creek. Stopped at Sawmill Falls and the remains of Merten Mill. Then across the bridge and lunch alongside Opal Creek (just before Opal Pool). Then to Opal Pool, where we admired the water color and the dancing shadows of the water on the steep rock. To the bridge leading to Jawbone Flats, and the gorge was as stunning as ever. Lots of butterflies in a small meadow just before Jawbone Flats, one of which landed on the leader’s hand, and seemed to enjoy the salty sweat that had accumulated! The gravel road to Opal Creek was in much better condition than last year, with no pot holes.

Hikers were: Marianne Camp, Daniele Delaby, Julie Dorland (leader), Joella Ewing and Dick Hildreth.

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