Mt. Baldy and Amazon Headwaters

May 25, 2007

A semi-clouded but mild morning greeted our hiking trio composed of Diane Kurz, Kevin Clark, and leader Richard Sundt. We started at the Martin Street trailhead and walked up to Fox Hollow through a wooded section of the Amazon headwaters region, admiring not only the scenery, but also the beautiful new log bridges crossing the ravines. From Fox Hollow we hiked through the woods to new Dillard Road, and then walked down on this road to catch the Mt. Baldy area, slowly walking up to the top. The higher Cascade peaks were hidden by clouds, but Eugene was in full view, and so too Mary’s Peak in the Coast Range. We then descended to the base of Mt. Baldy, veered a little to the left to see what I call Hidden Pond. Typically in spring the pond is well filled, but come August it is but a puddle and by September it is totally dry. This pond is a nice feature since otherwise there is little water to see on this hike, except at the start of the trail. As we were heading back to the trailhead on Martin Street, via the power lines (yes, it is an urban or rather semi-urban hike), a few drops were felt on our foreheads, but this was as much as ever fell in south Eugene on this day.

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