Short Mountain Bike Ride

May 21, 2007

This bike ride originated at either Campbell Center or Emerald People’s Utility District (EPUD) for either a 24 or 12 mile ride to the dump. Except for a few wiffs of garbage, generally Short Mountain, aka, the dump, smells OK. That’s because EPUD has a Methane Recovery Facility there which generates enough electricity to service approximately 1,000 households in Creswell. Our tour included a description of how the pipes are laid and the methane captured, as well as the four giant engines. The other nearby facility we visited was the Police Firing Range run by Eugene, Springfield, and Lane County. That facility is also used by many other jurisdictions for training purposes: they have separate ranges for pistols and rifles, as well as a building where paintballs are used in the firearms to simulate chase scenes. In spite of the intermittent rain drops, folks said they had a good time and appreciated the EPUD and City of Eugene staff taking time from their busy schedules to show us around. Participants were: Bill Aspegren, Sam Houston, Richard Hughes, Darrell McBee, Sam Miller, Lois Morse, and leader Lana Lindstrom.

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