Eula Ridge

May 20, 2007

It was a rainy Sunday, and to my surprise, a total of ten set out to reach the top of Hardesty Mountain. Downed trees, slippery footing and a very steep trail, made for a challenging hike. After a conference at the Wendy the Lost Dog sign, two hikers made an early descent. They were escorted by Laurie Funkhouser and Ellen Sather. The rest of us were appreciative of their sacrifice. Cold and rain, made for a quick turnaround at the top. The descent was via the Hardesty trail, with a car shuttle at the bottom.

Participants were: Mari Baldwin, Denise Butler, Bob Freed, Laurie Funkhouser, Daphne James, Valentyna Radchenko-Freed, Rich Romm (leader), Ellen Sather, Lauren Sharp and Lenka Stafl.

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