Marys Peak

May 1, 2007

Once again this year the hike had to be postponed a week due to snow conditions. Five hikers set out on a cold, cloudy day facing a high probability of rain. Also, we set out without knowing how much of the snowpack had melted in the past ten days—high adventure! The trail requires a steady, but not steep, ascent over a four mile distance with an elevation gain of 2000 ft. The trail was in excellent condition, especially considering the recent snow covering in the upper portions combined with lack of use. Maintenance had already been done on the lower section, including removal of a couple of logs. In the upper sections we were required to scramble over, under and around several trees which had blown down. The first three and one-half miles were up the north ridge through a beautiful hemlock/cedar forest with little undergrowth except in the lower section. In the lower section we also saw the same flowers as last year; trillium, yellow violets and flowering currant. The ground was covered with oxalis, much of which was also blooming.

The trail reaches a parking lot 6/10 of a mile from the Peak. Surprisingly, the snow was nearly totally gone. We continued the climb rather steeply to the Peak. To our dismay, we were greeted by no view and a stiff wind which created a major chill factor. I'm not certain we spent more than a minute on top. We descended back to the parking lot to eat lunch as much out of the wind as we could get before hiking back down to the trailhead. At least it never rained. The hardy hikers, all Obsidians, were Bob Freed, Janet Jacobsen, Sue Meyers, Barb Revere and leader Dan Christensen.

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