Wetlands Biking/Birding

April 24, 2007

What a wonderful excursion! On this leisurely bicycle exploration of the birds and wildflowers of the wetlands, three most congenial women joined me: Pat Esch, Marian West and Karen Williams (nonmember). The high quality of my companions made the trip a delight. Among the birds we saw were long-billed dowitchers, common yellow-throat, greater yellow-legs, kestrel, northern harrier, great blue heron, meadowlark, barn swallow, song swallow, green-winged teal, cinnamon teal, shoveler, red-winged blackbird, and the ever popular mallard. Next to the Humane Society, we were fortunate to see an extraordinary display of blue camas in glorious bloom. A stop at Euphoria for chocolate added to our fun before we all had lunch.

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