Upper Fall Creek

April 22, 2007

Three of us enjoyed this very pleasant meandering up and down trail along or above Fall Creek accompanied by the soothing sounds of moving water. The trillium were in abundance and the many shades of green and multi textures of the forest flora a marvel. We escaped the predicted showers with only a few sprinkles and even had intermittent brilliant sunshine. This section of trail was reopened in May, 2006, upon completion of 3 or 4 new bridges after having been closed for a few years. The trail follows the creek between Rd 1828 and 1833. The trailbed was in great shape with only a few slightly muddy spots. There were several fallen trees, some of which were challenging to cross or go around. The blowdown may have been removed by the time you read this report, but you may want to verify that with the Oakridge ranger office since trail clearing crews are understaffed. This trail offers a welcome variation on the usual Fall Creek hikes and we were all glad to have checked out this section. Mellow, companionable hikers were Daphne James, Barbara Morgan and Effie Neth, leader.

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