Raptor Center

April 22, 2007

Sunday afternoon, ten adults and eight kids walked up the Amazon Headwaters Trail to the Raptor Center for their incredible Earth Day Celebration. The mob of cars and people contrasted with our quiet walk through the woods. Some of the group opted to leave the Center on their own timetable while seven of us agreed to meet at 3:00 to walk back to our cars. I was surprised how easy it was for the children to get so close to six or more birds with their handlers. We saw an owl eat a mouse. The kids could easily ask questions such as “How many mice does an owl eat each day?” Drew Hackett said his favorite birds were the snowy owl and the burrowing owl. The kestrel was also a favorite. Rick Ahrens was hosting the table where the kids got to match feathers, eggs, and nests with the appropriate bird. Some of the kids stopped at the activity table to make an owl from a pinecone. We decided to delay our departure so we would have time to stop for refreshments and see more displays. All of us were so impressed with the celebration and the birds. It was the third trip in one week for Carol Fairbanks who had her membership form ready for us to sign. It was the second trip for Emily and Sam Scherer who hope to become junior members. It was the first hike ever for Megan Hackett, age four.

Participants were members: Jane Allen, Brennen Babb-Hackett, Maddison Babb-Hackett, Max Brown, Jane Hackett, Sam Houston, Janet Jacobsen (leader), Mary Morrison and Robert Scherer; and nonmembers: Kaylah Allen, Drew Babb-Hackett, Megan Babb-Hackett, Carol Fairbanks, Susan Houston, Devon Richey, Emily Scherer, Sam Scherer and Terry Scherer.

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