Larison Creek

April 17, 2007

Our usual lunch break on the large, moss covered rocks with beautiful views both upstream and downstream was contemplative rather than conversational due to the roar and splash of the waterfall beside us. This is the time of year when the creek runs full. The sun was out as we ate but soon the sky became overcast, the already low temperature dropped so we didn't linger. The hike was beautiful, enhanced by the freshness of spring. We saw numerous calypso orchids, trillium, spring queen, fawn lilies, wild strawberries and a few oxalis in bloom. False solomon’s seal was about to bloom. Also in bloom were flowering currant and pacific dogwood.

When I checked with the Forest Service on the condition of the trail I was told it was passable and it is. However there are several obstacles like low hanging branches, trees to go over and two large ones in particular which need more than a long stride. In a couple of high spots the trail is eroding. Fran, who volunteers with the Forest Service took photos of these problem areas and will pass them along.

Despite the gloomy forecast of rain, heavy at times, and the fact that it was raining as we left LCC, it was dry as we hiked out but rained as we retraced our steps. The worst of the weather was on the drive home.

Sharing this hike with me were Marshall Kandell, Barbara Morgan and Fran Nearing.

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