Ridgeline Trail

April 10, 2007

After predictions of rain all week, we enjoyed a lovely sunny spring morning for the entire length of the trip. Though clouds began to gather towards noon, no rain fell. We all voted the Blanton Road to Willamette section the “best trail” with its newly graveled surface, and it also won “most beautiful”, with the fern covered hillside dotted with orchids, fawn lilies buttercups and trillium. The section from Fox Hollow to Dillard was voted “the worst”! The hillside was still lovely, but the trail is muddy and we had to wade through several huge quagmires. In addition to the flowers mentioned above, we saw hound’s tongue, blue camas, red-currant and many others flowers “in bud”, but we didn’t know what they would turn out to be. How lucky we are to have such a trail in Eugene’s backyard!

Hikers were: Dan Christensen, Jim Floyd, Kathleen Floyd, Janet Jacobsen, Sue Meyers and Barb Revere, leader.

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