Kentucky Falls

April 8, 2007

At the base of Smith and Lower Kentucky Falls were hundreds of black millipedes—they were on every surface! Getting to the viewing bench for Smith Falls was not for the squeamish as often there were dozens of the crawlers on the handholds. Some hikers chose to stay at the misty platform at Lower Kentucky Falls for lunch—the rest of us braved the slippery rocks and millipedes. Wayne remarked that one could not use the mossy side of the tree trunks to find north in this canyon, as the moss covered everything all the way around. The falls were in full force and beautiful and we were scolded by dippers at each falls view point. Wildflowers were Trillium, wood violet, salmonberry, skunk cabbage, and a lone pink fawn lily at the base of Smith Falls. One unknown species of lily is about to bloom along the trail and we spotted ginger and solomon seal forming flower buds too. This trail is in good shape with a little mud at the start. We hiked it all under overcast skies, but no rain.

Hikers were members: Carol Anderson, Julie Dorland, Kathryn Golly, Joanne Ledet, John Lee, Laurie Reed, Barb Revere (leader) and Beth Roy. and nonmembers: Wayne Cleall and Ben Coker.

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