Council Crest

April 6, 2007

Thanks to Bill Sullivan’s description of the Council Crest hike in his 3rd edition of 100 Hikes in Northwest Oregon, we had a great trip. We left Eugene at 7:30 a.m. and arrived at Washington Park at 9:30 where we met Janice Gould. We hiked the Marquam Trail to Council Crest for spectacular views of Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Hood. The trillium and yellow woodland violets were in abundance. We couldn’t have asked for better weather—warm and sunny with clear blue skies. We then followed the trail down and up through lush forested canyons to OHSU. The art and views at the Kohler Pavilion where we caught the tram kept us occupied for around 30 minutes. The 3–5-minute tram ride 3,300 foot down to the banks of the Willamette River was way too short. Our jovial driver told us that the two 78 passenger cable cars have names. (There is a small plaque in each cabin that I didn’t see.) Our cable car was name Walt, for Walt Reynolds, the first African-American to graduate from medical school at the university. The other is named Jean, for Jean Richardson, the first woman to earn a civil engineering degree in Oregon in 1949. (Both are now in their 80s and rode the tram when it opened in January). Janice Gould told us that a qualification to be a cable car driver is the ability to rappel from the cable car. If one is taking the tram from OHSU, one doesn’t have to pay the $4.00 fee. What a deal for us! From the waterfront, we caught the streetcar to city center and the Pearl District. Janice hopped off the streetcar to catch the MAX back to her car. All of her bits of information about Portland were appreciated. By 1:30 we were at Henry’s 12th St. Tavern for lunch where they were able to seat our large group. After lunch, we couldn’t resist walking across the street for a quick visit to Whole Foods. Back at 10th and Morrison, we huddled around the MAX ticket machine struggling with the directions on how to purchase a ticket. How many Obsidians does it take to purchase a MAX ticket? Fortunately for us, Tri-Met staff magically appeared and helped us quickly purchase tickets for the honored ones (65 and over) and for the not so honored ones. We all made it onto the MAX and made the short trip back to Washington Park. I gave a sigh of relief when I made the final count as we stepped off the MAX and took the elevator up to the park. Rush hour traffic slowed us down until we reached Wilsonville. It was a fantastic day but next time let’s take the train and spend the night so we have more time to hike and enjoy the sights.

Participants were members: Daniele Deleby, Sharon Duncan, Jim Floyd, Kathleen Floyd, Jane Hackett, Janet Jacobsen (leader), John Jacobsen, Barb Revere and Barbara Schomaker and nonmembers: Janice Gould and Mindy Hollenbeck.

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