Bike to Brunch

April 1, 2007

ďItís a dry coldĒ; six hardy bikers told themselves as they gathered at 9 a.m. on April Foolís morning at the Lane County fairgrounds. With the incentive of an all-you-can-eat Sunday brunch awaiting them at Our Daily Bread in Veneta, the riders took off under cloudy skies with a temperature in the 30ís. Movement definitely helped, and the riders gradually warmed up as they headed west on the bike path. Seeing the occasional runner in shorts and a t-shirt didnít make them feel guilty about their many layers of bike wear. Traffic was light on the back roads, there was no noticeable wind and the countryside filled with cows, sheep, goats, horses, llamas and the occasional turkey were relaxing distractions.

Two thirds of the way to the restaurant, at the corner of Petzold and Central, we caught up with Kathy Hoeg, Lynn Gilman-Garrick and Paul Garrick. The three of them had decided earlier in the week that they werenít ready for a ride of the trip's length, so they rode a different shorter route with the goal of meeting us for brunch. The timing couldnít have been better as we met them almost as soon as our routes overlapped. Everyone continued on as a larger group and arrived at Our Daily Bread at 10:50. Our table was just being prepared as we arrived. We had our own little corner of the lower level of the restaurant. After finding our seats and ordering coffee, we quickly began replenishing the calories that we had burned as well as building up plenty of reserves for the return trip. We feasted on eggs benedict, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, strawberries, pineapple, cantaloupe, melon, pancakes, shrimp, salad, hash browns, roast beef, desserts too numerous to mention and several carafes of hot coffee to warm us up. Rested and well fed, we eventually decided we were ready to again brave the cool temperatures.

It didnít take long back on the bikes to warm up. After a few miles, we parted ways with Kathy, Lynn and Paul, and headed back down Crow Road enjoying the occasional shafts of sunlight breaking through the clouds and the warmer, if not exactly warm, temperatures. All six riders had ridden their bikes to the fairgrounds from their respective homes, so at various points as we neared the fairgrounds riders split off and headed for home after enjoying a pleasant ride and meal that was no joke. Riders included members Stewart Hoeg (leader), Pat Esch, Kaushik Vaidyanathan, George Jobanek and Laurie Funkhouser and non-member Pam Morris.

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