Spencer Butte Trail Maintenance

November 24, 2007

A record number of volunteers turned out for Saturday November 24th’s trail maintenance day. Our group of 11 plus two from the city met at 10 a.m. at the Cline St. “trail head”, where we had the pleasure of learning about the plants we would be working with from Dave Predeek. After Dave’s information we set out to plant: three elderberries, four starflower false Solomons seal, four trillium, four big leaf maples, six red osier dogwoods, six snowberries, 12 large false Solomon seal, 12 Hookers fairy bells, 12 woodland strawberries, 16 fringecups, and 16 red Columbine. With the large turnout our work only took about two hours, after which time we all enjoyed snacks and coffee provided by the city. Thanks to all who attended. We will not be having a trail day in December but will reconvene on January 26th.

Workers were: Matt Bell, Rob Castleberry, Wayne Deeter, Monica Green, Peter Green, Larry Huff, Janet Jacobson, Gary Kirk, Juli McGlinsky, Dave Predeek, Pat Soussan, and Jason and Lorna from the city.

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