Trail Maintenance-Ridgeline Trail

October 28, 2007

Christer, Lorna, and Jason from Eugene Parks and Open Space met Peter Greenís Obsidian crew at 9:00 on Sunday, October 28th at the upper Dillard Road Ridgeline Trailhead. We seemed like a small force of volunteers standing by a truck filled with gravel, a truck loaded with three motorized tread wheel barrows, and a pick up truck with shovels, rakes, loppers, fence stakes, gloves, plants, coffee and snacks. Working on the lower mountain bike trail, our project was to resurface parts of the trail with gravel, remove blackberry vines invading sword ferns, and plant sword ferns and vine maples on a switchback where hikers or mountain bikers had taken a shortcut. Steve Gibson and Max Green, a senior at Churchill High School and Peterís brother, volunteered to help Lorna with the planting. Peter and Matt Bell along with Jason powered the vehicles up and down the path. Janet Jacobsen and Jane Hackett worked on the blackberry removal. With Lorna's guidance, we put up plastic fencing to protect the plants. We stopped working at 12:00, posed for a group picture, and ate homemade zucchini bread provided by a friend of Matt. It was a pleasant morning and rewarding for all. It looks like the November trail maintenance will involve planting along the Amazon Headwaters Trail. Get on Peter's email list if you'd like to be notified about monthly trail maintenance activities. (Email him at

City crew: Christer, Lorna Baldwin, Jason. Volunteers: Peter Green (leader), Max Green, Janet Jacobsen, Jane Hackett, Matt Bell and Steve Gibson.

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