Mt. Thielsen

September 22-23, 2007

Three Climbers were we.
Leaving Eugene for a Diamond of a Lake.
Froze we did all through a Saturday evenin’.
To very low clouds we did awaken at 5am on a Sunday morn’.
We hit the trail at six and by a half past seven we were at the PCT.
All the trees were white with frost, and through the low clouds and limited visibility we saw that mountain higher up was also frosted.
With no view from the top to reward our efforts we three turned and left Mt. Thielsen for another day!
We three had a quick walk out, and while we were packing up our camp the sun came out.
Though it was still cold, we would have had our view!
The lesson my friend is never to trust the weather in the Cascades to do what you think it will!
Climbers were: Louis Hoffman, Larry Huff (Asst. Climb Leader) and Kim Sawyer (Climb Leader).

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