Mt. Thielsen

June 16, 2007

This is a pleasant time of year for this climb in spite of encountering a few mosquitoes. The length of daylight allows for a leisurely climb even with a daylight start, and a bit of snow on Thielsen and surrounding mounts enhances already great views.

We started up the trail at 6 a.m. under partly cloudy skies. Patches of snow on the trail, starting at about 6400', did not much slow our progress. We enjoyed an extended break at the half way point (elevation wise) at the PCT junction, and arrived at the gathering spot below the summit pinnacle at about 11. Note that this spot is not recommended due to climber caused rockfall, as we learned later in the day.

After I set a fixed line up the pinnacle, all ascended, one by one, and enjoyed their time on the summit, then descended. A group of eight Chemeketans patiently waited at chicken point for their turn—our relatively early start had gotten us there first.

This mountain proved to be too small for this group. Our return to the PCT was marred by an extended, brutal snow-ball war. Lubos showed off his incredible, stinging fast-ball. Skirmishes continued until peace was finally made due to lack of ammunition.

Thanks to Sue Carey for driving, to Scot for his official assistance, and to April for checking my rope-work. Climbers were: April Anderson, Sue Carey, Wayne Deeter (leader), Lubos Hubata-Vacek, Scot Hunt (assistant leader), Andrew Jensen, Juli McGlinsky, David Morris and Sue Zeni.

Dinner at the Trailhead Cafe the evening before (photo by April Anderson)

Group shot at 6 a.m. (photo by April Anderson)

Our goal (view from bend in the trail at 6400') (photo by April Anderson)

Lightening rod of the Cascades (from PCT junction) (photo by April Anderson)

The mountain goats ahead of me (photo by April Anderson)

and those behind me (photo by April Anderson)

Sue Z. and April prepare to peer over the edge at the Lathrop Glacier (photo by Wayne Deeter)

Women on top of the world (photo by April Anderson)

Sue C. and Scot and way down below, off the east side (photo by Wayne Deeter)

Can't get enough of this sight (photo by April Anderson)

Back at the PCT: April, Juli, Lubos, Scot, Dave, Sue Z., Sue C., Wayne, Andrew. (photo by Wayne Deeter)

Talk about a working mom! A spider with her babies on her back. (photo by April Anderson)


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