Mystery Ski Trip

December 28, 2006

The mystery on this trip was “where’s the leader?” The trip started off a bit wrong when I had to return home to get my ski boots, making me a bit late arriving at the meeting place. Then I choose to complete a route which was pushing the limits of some of the signees.

We started skiing from the Gold Lake Sno-Park. It was cold, so those in the earlier car (I had had to stop to put on chains) skied out through the fresh powder to try to warm up. We regrouped and skied up through the Westview Loops to Eagle Rock. We took a break there, snacking and taking in views of Odell, Lakeview Mtn. and Diamond Peak. While sunny, it was still a bit coolish and there was a stiff breeze.

Proceeding down the PCT we turned left onto the old PCT and, after a very tricky creek crossing, took another break in a bit of sunshine at the Yoran Lake trailhead. We tried following the trail up towards Yoran Lake, but lost sight of the blazes, so wandered about a bit. Missing the proper drainage up to Midnight Lake, we instead climbed the steep slope of the butte to the north, finally reaching the shore of the lake. Sam lead the bulk of the group back to the Sno-Park while I brought up the rear, reaching the cars shortly after sunset.

Many thanks to Sam for driving and trail breaking. Participants were: Mari Baldwin, Wayne Deeter (leader), Dave Jensen, Sat Nam Khalsa, Sam Miller and Dave Predeek.

Mystery wanderings

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