Mt. Pisgah/Solstice

December 22, 2006

All of us were on top of Mt. Pisgah at the monument at 7:45 a.m., the scheduled time for sunrise, according to the RG. The sky was clear, fog hanging on the side of Pisgah and filling the valleys. The sun was late. It was so close, just below the horizon, that we could determine almost exactly where it would rise, and that spot lined up very nicely with the southern slot on the monument. But this new sun, on his first appearance on the first morning of the new solstice year, modestly wrapped wrapped himself in fog as he came up from behind the mountains. And somewhat like communion, Margaret shared a pastry baked according to an ancient Scottish tradition to represent the sun and is eaten as part of the solstice ceremony. Celebrants were Pat Bean, Sue Carey, Sandra Larsen, Bonnie Murdock, Royal Murdock, Marc Hansen, and Margaret Prentice who ate cake to honor an unseen sun.

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