Layng-Brice Creek area falls

February 22, 2006

Thanks to Jan for assisting by meeting the main group in Eugene and getting them down to Cottage Grove. And thanks to Barb Revere for driving her “bus” thus minimizing the number of vehicles required. We were blessed with perfect wintertime weather for this hike. While a bit chilly at first, it warmed to milder temperatures in the afternoon.

Our first stop (other than the pit stop at the upper Row River trailhead) was at Wildwood Falls, a small cascade of about ten or fifteen feet height on the Row (rhymes with cow) River. This is a popular summertime swimming area right beside Lower Brice Creek Road. The ice which had formed around the falls during the cold spell the previous weekend was still there (as at the other falls visited.)

The next two falls visited were Spirit Falls and Moon Falls. They are both on Alex Creek, a tributary of Layng Creek. Spirit Falls is about 60' tall and cascades over a bulging rock sticking out into the pool. This hike is little more than ˝ mile round trip, downhill all the way to the falls, so uphill on the trip out. Moon Falls is twice as tall, and drops into terraced pools.

We lunched at Moon Falls trailhead sitting in the sunshine. (Except for Marshall who had been so excited about the chance to visit the Cottage Restaurant that he forgot to read the rest of the trip description.)

We then drove around to Brice Creek and up to the Parker Falls trailhead for the longest little hike of the day: 1˝ miles round trip to Lower and Upper Parker Falls. The lower falls is about 35' tall with a pair of side-by-side cascades. Below the main falls are a series of smaller cascades and basins. The upper falls is less spectacular as it’s not anywhere near vertical—just water flowing over a steep rock slope. It made for a pleasant stop as it was the sunniest of all the falls.

We finished off the trip with a stop at the Cottage Restaurant in Cottage Grove for snacks.

Members: Wayne Deeter, Paul Flashenberg, Janet Jacobsen, Sherwood Jefferies, Marshall Kandell and Barbara Revere. Nonmembers: Zella Andreski, Barbara Norregaard and Julia Richardson.

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