Heceta Head from Washburne Park

February 11, 2006

Twelve of us arrived at Washburne State Park mid-morning and walked towards the beach where we examined a large dead bird that we think was a loon. We decided to start our hike inland on the Valley Trail because the tide would be lower for a beach walk in the afternoon. Enjoying partial sun and a mild temperature, we walked past the beaver-dammed lake, then up and down the spruce forest trail to Heceta Head lighthouse where we sat in shirt sleeves on the grass to eat lunch. Some of us toured the lighthouse. Temperatures cooled at bit as we walked back up and down the hill, along the Hobbitt Trail to the ocean, and finally on the beach back to Washburne. It started to drizzle just as we got into our cars.

Members: Ann-Marie Askew, LaRee Beckley, David Call, Shelly Call, Joella Ewing, Maggie Gontrum, Bob Jones, Doris Jones, Sue Meyers and Fred Munz. Nonmembers: Judy Clemmons and Tom Musselwhite.

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