Rosary Lake

January 29, 2006

We started out from Eugene with storm warnings and rain falling, but everyone was game to go. In fact, the road was not bad up to Willamette Pass, although it snowed nonstop during our sojourn at 5,000 feet and above. All participants enjoyed a very nice climb through fresh powder to Lower Rosary Lake. We made one attempt to get to the middle lake but decided that breaking trail through two feet of fresh powder just seemed to enhance the views from the lower lake. We reconvened at the lower lake and ate lunch on our skis gazing at the lake. The leader convinced everyone that the middle lake looked exactly the same, only smaller. Skiing down in the snow was pleasant and gave rise to Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.”

Members: Mari Balch, Les Brod, Marian Brod, Brian Hamilton, Doug McCarty, Carol Petty, Glen Svendsen, Scott Svendsen, Jerry Welsh and Nancy Whitfield. Nonmembers: Dave Jensen and Brenda Kameenui.

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