Marilyn Lakes Snowshoe

January 28, 2006

Don’t tell anyone but we were one over the limit with 13 people. Snow was great! Twelve plus inches wad fallen in the 24 hours 24 hours prior to our trip. One of us got temporarily stuck in a good sized hole on the South side of Upper Marilyn Lake. The crossing over the creek flowing from upper to lower Marilyn Lake was challenging. We made it but getting over the snow bridge was hard. Gray jays met us at the shelter. Outhouses are available here. Highway 58 had packed snow. Crossing it to get to the trailhead is dangerous. Don’t forget to sign in and out at the Gold Lake snow park warming hut!

Members: Walt Dolliver, Yuan Hopkins, Scott Hovis (leader), Sherwood Jefferies, Margaret Malsch and Barbara Schomaker. Nonmembers: Debbie Arbbard, Jennifer Difiavceeson, Allen Ott, John Potinova, Barry Smith, Jan Stoecker and Jessica Westin.

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