Eagle Rock

January 14, 2006

Cancel the snowshoe trip?— Just because of rain and snow level up at 6000ft??? Well, lucky for us, the snow level dropped to 3000ft. We did, however, go to Plan B. As there was limited snow cover at Salt Creek Falls, we continued higher to Gold Lake Sno-Park to travel to Eagle Rock. It was an enthusiastic group, delighted to be out of the Eugene rain, and we enjoyed a wonderful day in the mountain with light snow.

We decided to be on the safe side, and we all chained up when we reached the snow level. One of our group, Virginia, has some nifty tire covers that went on in a jiffy. The other two cars were jealous, as we struggled, with our “easy on” chains. Scott, a high school senior who was on the trip with his dad, was extremely helpful.

We all stopped in Oakridge on the way home to savor the day with coffee, soup and goodies at McGillicuddy’s. We welcomed a new member, Glen Svendsen; was the third trip for Patrice McCaffrey; and the second trip for Virginia Rice and Stephen Brander. Fun day!!

Members: Anne Bonine, Barbara Bruns, Daniele Delaby, Yuan Hopkins, Sherwood Jefferies, Jack O’Donnell, Glen Svendsen, Scott Svendsen, Sheila Ward and Nancy Whitfield.

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