Redtop Mountain

January 8, 2006

It was a perfect powder day in the Cascades. Jan Anselmo told me that the snotel station near Pengra Pass reported 13 inches the night before our trip. We met at South Eugene and took two cars to Oakridge, where we met the Jensens and Anselmos. All ten participants were experienced Obsidians skiers and nearly all had done Redtop before. This was fortunate because the trailbreaking was difficult and the routefinding more of a challenge than I remembered from my one previous outing on Redtop Mtn. GPS waypoints are helpful here. It took us 3.5 hours to get up and 2.5 down. At the top we were partly in cloud, but enjoyed shimmering snow and glorious untracked powder. If only there were more open slopes on the trip down! Some parts are a challenging slalom between the trees. The top is fabulous on a powder day.

Members: Jan Anselmo, Rich Anselmo, John Hegg, Dick Hildreth, Chris Jensen, Kathy Jensen, Sam Miller, Gordon Sayre, Bob Smythe and Lyndell Wilken.

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