Midnight Lake

January 8, 2006

After gathering at SEHS, the four vehicles and 11 people headed up Highway 58 to Gold Lake with a quick rest stop outside of Oakridge. Flurries of snow began at approximately 3000 feet! Headed up the trail after moving vehicles to allow the snow plow clear the parking lot. Charlie, Scott and Martin alternated breaking trail in the 8+ inches of fresh, fluffy snow towards Bechtel Shelter via Abernethy Road, taking the second Y for a shortcut through the trees to return to Abernethy Road. A couple of groups caught up with us shortly before the shelter (due to the great trail breaking) so opted to lunch at the crest of the hill above the shelter. Reenergized, we headed up the trail towards Midnight Lake reaching the Lake as the sun peaked through the clouds! The crew returned by the same route minus the shortcut through the trees. Due to the recent rain and snow, the terrain was undulated exposing creeks and water areas. Thanks for a great day!

Members: Mari Baldwin, Laurie Funkhouser, Martin Holland-Bak, Bob Huntley, Daphne James, Laurie Reed and Charlie Van Deusen.

Nonmembers: Barbara Aten, Barbara Boylan, Glen Svendsen and Scott Svendsen.

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