Rigdon/Wahana Lakes Loop

September 14, 2006

The purposes of this hike were to explore the re-growth status of the ten year old Rigdon Burn and to visit seven of the lakes contained in the North Waldo drainage. Sullivan’s Rigdon Lakes loop hike passes three of these lakes in an eight mile loop hike. A four mile extension of the Rigdon hike, east down the Wahana Lakes Trail, was required to reach the remaining lakes.

The weather was quite cool and overcast with the threat of rain but quite comfortable for hiking as no rain materialized. The re-growth has been surprisingly minimal, very little changed from a year ago. Ripe huckleberries were plentiful in some of the open areas, but minimal vegetation other than plentiful grasses was observed. A few rhodies have grown up in widely scattered locations. The environment is beautiful in an unusual way, with the burn covering ¾ of the 12 miles hiked. The lakes were very attractive, despite all having been burned over. They have somewhat the same appearance, yet had unique differences in size, shape and setting. We finished a very fine hiking day with a mandatory stop at the Oakridge A & W. Hikers were Obsidians Dan Christensen (leader), Paul Flashenberg and Cork Higgins.

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