Clear Lake

September 12, 2006

One car left via Main Street in Springfield, the other via I-105. The second car pulled into the parking lot at the ranger station a few seconds behind the first; so much for which is the fastest route. Construction on route 126 meant a slower drive to Clear Lake Resort but we arrived under a clear blue sky, eager to get moving. It was a beautiful, warm day and the waters of the lake showed their usual changing hues of blue green and turquoise. Many boaters were on the lake. As we crossed the lava there was some color but many of the leaves were dry and curling up. Two blue heron flew across the sky above us and later we saw red tailed hawks in the air. During our leisurely lunch at the Great Spring we watched a dipper on the far side. While our way around the lake Marshall described the salient points at the numbered posts. Thanks to this great group for a most enjoyable day and to Marshall for being the other driver.

Members: Sharon Duncan, Marshall Kandell, Sue Meyers, Margaret Prentice (leader) and Barb Revere. Nonmember: Myron Cook.

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