Rosary Lakes

September 9, 2006

Because the leader likes to keep things interesting, she locked her car keys (along with two other hikers’ belongings!) in the trunk before the trip even began!! A kind, flexible group helped make this work. One car with five hikers left, while two of us waited for the locksmith. About 45 minutes after the first car left, we were on our way! The two caught up with the original five just as they were beginning lunch-perfect timing, since in penance the leader had carried the additional backpack (containing, among other things, the all-important lunch) that had been locked in the trunk. A beautiful day for a hike-the weather was perfect, the lakes looked gorgeous, and a few late season berries awaited the keen-eyed hikers. Thanks to a patient and kind Karla for waiting with the leader for the extra 45 minutes, to Margaret for graciously driving when she did not expect to drive, and to the rest of the group, who were understanding and flexible. A good day in the end!

Members: Zella Andreski, Julie Dorland (leader), Linda Hovey, Margaret Prentice and Karla Rusow. Nonmembers: Ken Augustson and Rod Vogt.

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