Shasta Loops + Woodson

August 31, 2006

This always interesting urban hike (one member called it the “strangest” hike she’d ever been on. . . a compliment if I ever heard one) offers glimpses into all economic levels of housing in the southeast hills, including some mansions and some hidden-in-the-woods abodes. It’s a loop hike in all respects, down North Shasta Loop and up South Shasta Loop. Nice vistas, a young vineyard, a conveniently placed porta-john. . . what more can you ask for? The peacocks failed to show again, but we did start our hike by flushing out a flock of wild turkeys, including chicks. The highlight and drawing card for the hike, however, was the promise of blackberry picking on the final stretch. It was at this point the trip pretty much stalled, as participants filled their containers (and their tummies). Good exercise rewarded with a sweet dessert!

Participants were Obsidians Marshall Kandell, Sandra Larsen, Barb Revere and Clare Tucker; and prospective members Mary Morrison (who just moved here from Chicago) and Myron Cook (who lives in Cottage Grove, but would like to find an apartment in the Eugene area for himself and his cat).

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