Mt. Yoran - Divide Lake

August 26, 2006

We begin our trip at the Vivian Lake trailhead under blue skies. The view of Diamond Peak is beautiful in the mid morning light. We enter the forest and are instantly rewarded with a bountiful supply of huckleberries. The mosquitos seem to be done with their aggressive blood drive for the season. All is well in the mountains this day. We proceed to Notch Lake and just beyond this picturesque lake the trail splits and we head down the Mt. Yoran trail. The hike proceeds through forest choked ravines then steadily climbs through a more open forest to a bluff overlooking Mt. Yoran and shortly thereafter Diamond Peak. The trail follows along the edge of a forested rim and then deposits you in to the Divide Basin. It is here where Divide Lake and few smaller lakes frame the beauty of the two Mt. Yorans. Mt Yoran proper is the most prominent of the two peaks, and the south peak is the most accessible. We eat lunch by the lakes while some of us bathe or option for photos of the surrounding basin. We then gather again for the hike up to the south peak of Mt Yoran. The view is splendid and we all seem content with the destination. It is time to head back to the cars. We decide to make a stop on the way out at Notch Lake to enjoy the scenery here. Then we gorge again on huckleberries till are tongues and fingers turn purple. I was very fortunate to have the company of these enthusiastic, wonderful group of fellow hikers. Thank you.

Members: Marianne Camp, Daniele Delaby, Bob Freed, Debbie Hibbard, Debra Higbee, Yuan Hopkins, Larry Huff (leader), Val Radchenko, Richard Sundt and Michelle Tambellini.

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