Lookout Creek Trail Conservation Hike

August 20, 2006

All eleven hikers and Jeff & Kelly Long, our Cascadia Wildlands Project guides, were delighted to be leaving what promised to be a 90 plus degree day in exchange for the cover of old growth. This hike, in the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, was chosen by the Conservation Committee as its protected status provides a unique opportunity to explore both a relatively pristine forest and the impact of various management practices and policies on the environment we love.

Almost immediately upon leaving the cars we were surrounded by 350 plus year old Douglas Fir and Cedars. After walking below an enormous nurse log we made the first of four. . . no, five. . . well, several clambers across the streams in the Lookout Creek watershed. As we wound through its beauty, Jeff stopped us to discuss conservation issues such as the importance of soil to sustaining diverse forests and the role of lichens, mosses and downed logs in moisture regulation. Participants learned to identify trees by their cones and got to see Yew trees, most of which have been logged due to being an ingredient in cancer treatments. At 4:30, upon reaching our cars, the majority of hikers were full of information and handfuls of berries picked along the trail. Consensus seemed to be that a shower and more interpretive hikes were in order.

Members: Margot Fetz, Paul Flashenberg, Anne Hollander, Yuan Hopkins, Linda Hovey, Ryan Hovey, Sachiko Iwasaki, John Lee, Becky Lipton, Juli McGlinsky and Michelle Tambellini.

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