Lillian Falls and Klovdahl Bay

August 20, 2006

Eight people met at the South Eugene parking lot at 8:30 on a warm, sunny day. We arrived at the trailhead at a little after 10. Barb Revere was immediately stung by a wasp, but after explaining to the insect community that six of us were Obsidians the members were completely left alone. The two non-members, however, did manage to accumulate three stings over the course of the hike. The mosquitoes, on the other hand, never even showed up. Unlike the mosquitoes, the berries were everywhere—just about any type you could mention. The hike in was beautiful—old growth, mossy Lillian Falls, a shaded trail topped off by our arrival at Waldo Lake. We were treated to a cooling breeze, views of the mountains, sailboats, canoes and kayakers—and David Early and Jim Duncan “swimming” in the lake. I think David won the award for the shortest swim on record. After lunch, we hiked back to the cars with a natural A/C break at the Falls. The hike was topped off by a stop at the Dairy Queen in Oakridge. Hikers included non-members David Early and Valerie Duncan, members Barb Revere, Nola Nelson, Ed Lichtenstein and Sue Wolling and trip leaders Stewart Hoeg and Jim Duncan.

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