Rebel Creek/Rebel Rock Lookout

August 13, 2006

Challenging. . . grueling. . . one of these words describe this hike. With an early start time of 7:30 the four hikers headed upon Highway 126 to the Rebel Creek trailhead where we met our fifth hiker. The crew started the steady climb of the trail following the creek and under a canopy of tall trees at about 9:30 a.m. Good conversation carried us up the trail with stops to taste the ripe huckleberries, drink and re-energize. Temperature was ideal with a cooling breeze. Reached the junction at about 12:30 where we drank more water and ate more food. The next section traversed the ridge through meadows of thimbleberries(?), flowers and bracken which were anywhere from hip to shoulder high! Played hide and seek with the trail a couple of times during this section. After wading through the meadows, we reached the other side and found our next rest stop — the Lookout. It is perched on the ridge, still looking sturdy with a couple broken windows and boards. Refreshed, we started the steady downhill taking in a great view of The Three Sisters and a forest fire cloud plume. Shortly before 5:00, the hikers welcomed the sight of the parking lot and waiting vehicles. The weary but healthy hikers were: Nadia Bikalova, Pat Gripp, Dick Hildreth, Daphne James and Laurie Funkhouser, leader.

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