McKenzie Pass-Geology

August 12, 2006

The third annual McKenzie Pass-Geology trip was a great success with a full complement of 12 people and superb sunny weather—even the usually strong wind at McKenzie Pass was only a breeze. As before we started at the junction of highways 126 and 242, and traveled up the old McKenzie highway stopping seven times for short hikes to examine and discuss the volcanic and glacial history of this part of the Cascades. The longest hike was the one-mile loop to Proxy Falls that crosses the Collier Cone lava flow. The trip ended with a walk on the interpretive trail through the young volcanic landscape of the Yapoah lava flow by Dee Wright Observatory. From there we had a good view north of the smoke billowing up and drifting south from the big Lake George fire.

Members: Zella Andreski, La Ree Beckley, Max Brown, Chris Cunningham, Julie Dorland, Phyllis Fisher, Pete Peterson, Peter Rodda (leader), Beth Roy and Glen Svendsen. Nonmembers: Marie Hofer and Steve Knight.

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