Vivian Lake

August 5, 2006

We left SEHS parking lot promptly at 8:00am for our trip to Vivian Lake. After parking at the Salt Creek Falls parking lot we set off around 10:00 a.m. setting a quick pace through the lightly forested area above the falls. By this time of year the rhododendrons and other wildflowers were done blooming so there were no items of particular interest along the way. When we arrived at the wilderness area we all applied generous amounts of mosquito repellent and the nasty creatures did not prove to be a problem for anyone. As most of the elevation gain on this hike is in the middle third of the trip, those hikers with gazelle characteristics bounded ahead, and those who preferred to pace themselves brought up the rear. We all stopped along the way to enjoy Fall Creek Falls, and then we met up at the lake for lunch and conversation. After taking in the view of Mt. Yoran and a quick swim for some, we started on the return trip, taking the Diamond Creek Falls trail. Some preferred to enjoy that spectacular waterfall from the top while others hiked to the base of the falls for some great photos. Thanks to Carol and Sally for volunteering to drive. Eleven members enjoyed a great day of hiking. They were: Dan Bates, Paul Flashenberg, Bob Freed, Dick Hildreth, Yuan Hopkins, Sherwood Jeffries, Joanne Ledet, Carol Petty, Sally Quigley, Valentyna Radchenko and Richard Sundt. Our remaining hiker was non-member Debbie Hibbard.

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