Yoran Lake/PCNST

July 23, 2006

After meeting at SEHS, the hikers — Dick Hildreth, Sherwood Jefferies, Alice Strong and Laurie Funkhouser — made a quick detour to transfer to Dick’s air-conditioned vehicle! (Smart move — 90+ degrees). Then headed to the trailhead across from Shelter Cove Resort on Odell Lake. The trail initially follows Trapper Creek but soon veers southwest for a gradual uphill to Karen Lake followed by Yoran Lake. The mosquitos were fed by our involuntary donation of blood during this portion of the trail. Found a spot on Yoran Lake for lunch as well as a refreshing dip in the water. The connection from Yoran Lake to the PCNST is not well defined. With the use of a GPS unit and Dick’s compass and familiarity with the area, we were able to find Lils Lake and then PCNST without much difficulty. Once on the PCNST, the trail gradually descended back to Odell Lake passing several lakes — Hidden, Arrowhead, Midnight. Afternoon thunderclouds gathered and produced a few rumbles and droplets before we reached the end of the trail. Before heading back to Eugene, enjoyed a cool drink from Shelter Cove Resort.

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