Duffy Lake

July 17, 2006

Beautiful blue-green Duffy Lake was a fitting destination for the nine hikers who accompanied me on this most enjoyable outing.

I don’t know when I last had such a wonderful trip: beargrass nodding in the slight breeze that did its best to chase the hungry flying hordes away, lunch on the cool lakeshore, warm-water wading, sunlight sparkling in the ripples, Duffy Butte towering over all. At the lake, Sherwood led the way, 200-paces, to view Three Fingered Jack. Trail notes: Mosquitoes — yes. Dust — yes — getting worse each day. Horse scat — yes but we didn’t see any animals. Other hikers — yes — three back-packing groups on their way out and one tent at Duffy. North Santiam River crossing — inconsequential — someone has placed nice flat rocks for easy walking. Thank you to my fun-loving, affable companions!

Members: Dan Christensen, Julie Dorland, Jim Duncan, Sharon Duncan, Paul Flashenberg, Sherwood Jefferies, Marshall Kandell and Barb Revere, leader. Nonmembers: Annette Gurdjian and Christina Leps.

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