Fuji Mountain

July 16, 2006

Fuji Mountain gives the best view of the Cascade peaks for a nominal investment of time and energy. There was not a cloud in the sky which promised a great vista. We arrived at the trailhead at l0:15 and proceeded up the trail through old growth forest. The trail was clear and dry. There were lots of pretty blue lupine, also many mosquitos, but we were prepared. We arrived at the top to find a German couple who were shooting pictures of the peaks, extending from Mt. Hood in the north to Mt. Thielsen and beyond in the south, plus Waldo Lake and its surrounding peaks. The view was spectacular, as advertised. After lunch we started down about noon. Mosquitos were no longer a problem. We stopped for a break and found that there were only seven of us. Where was Sherwood? Rod and Barbara headed up the trail to look for him. Then Sam remembered that he had gone ahead of us with the German couple. No harm, no foul. We piled in the cars and headed down the dusty road to Highway 58 and the DQ in Oakridge, where we stopped for a snack. Hikers were Sherwood Jefferies, Richard Sundt, Joanne Ledet, Glen Svendsen, Laurie Reed, Sam Tracer, Barbara Boylan, and Rod Wood, leader. Obsidians all.

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