Browder Ridge

July 9, 2006

This hike would be a “B” hike when using Obsidians’ ratings (5-10 miles, 1,000–2,500 ft.) because it is 8.4 miles with an elevation gain of 2,100 feet, but William Sullivan’s book rates the hike as “Difficult”. Our group of 8 hikers tended to agree with Sullivan’s rating: There were plenty of sore muscles after we were through!

We hit the trailhead at about 10:30 on a warm, mostly sunny day. Many flowers were blooming with the really showy blooms appearing once we left the lower timbered section of trail and broke out into the hillside meadows. This was an off-year for the beargrass, since only a fraction of these plants were in bloom. There were plenty of other flowers however, including queen’s cup and cat’s ear lilies, cliff larkspur, tall bluebell, western columbine, and tiger lily. We were unable to positively identify another type of lily, about 2’ high, but it may have been a Washington lily.

After two hours, we ventured off trail toward the summit. Most of us stopped for a well-deserved rest about 10 minutes short of the summit while two others continued on. After eating lunch, others made the final trek to the top as well. We spent an hour eating lunch and enjoying the view of the Cascade spine from Mt. Hood to Diamond Peak. A two-hour descent brought us back to the cars. Hikers were non-members Meredith Fox and Kevin Foerstler, and members Claudia Arias, Glen Svendsen, Barb Revere, Rich Peevers, Mary Hamilton, and Brian Hamilton (leader.)

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