Duffy Lake

June 25, 2006

Upon arrival at the trailhead we were bombarded with swarms of mosquitos. After we proceeded on the hike — no problems with those pests. The prediction was for a temperature in the high 90s in the Willamette Valley so we felt happy to be on a tree covered trail to a cool lake. Many groups of backpackers, hikers and even horseback riders were exiting the area. At the river crossing each hiker did his/her own thing — balancing on a log or wading across the water. Lunch was very pleasant with a strong breeze off the lake to cool us and keep off any mosquitos. Sherwood found a vista on another part of the shore to admire Three Fingered Jack. At the conclusion of the hike it was back to the Hot Valley for all these Obsidian members.

Members: Zella Andreski, Barbara Bruns, Bob Huntley, Sherwood Jefferies, Mary Peel, Virginia Rice, Karla Rusow (leader), Guy Strahon and Judy Terry.

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