Bohemia Mountain

June 25, 2006

This difficult hike should be done on a brisk, cool day, but we set out knowing Eugene would likely be seeing record high temperatures. Fortunately, almost all of the hike is done under tree cover which blunted the worst of the heat. This trail is not easy to find, and the sign, usually hidden in the trees, behind the guard rail, was missing Sunday. Parking is limited to a pullout along highway 58, with a short walk back to the trail. Along the trail we encountered a bridge collapsed in the middle, but still usable, and the new bridge rapidly nearing completion. There also are three downed trees, only one of which is a bit of a challenge to go over. There is a view of Oakridge and Diamond Peak a few feet from the summit. To our dismay, we returned to South Eugene High School parking lot to discover a hiker’s driver side car window smashed The car had been parked beside the sidewalk in clear view of Patterson Street. We had the article on car clouting at trail heads recently in the newsletter, but did not expect the problem in such a public place in daytime.

Members: Claudia Arias, Paul Brown, Lynda Christensen (leader), Ken Frazer, Mary Frazer and Daphne James. Nonmembers: Jim Backer, Debbie Hibbard and Debra Higbee.

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