Cone Peak/Iron Mountain

June 24, 2006

Eighteen people signed up or inquired, including stand-bys. A couple of people were ill or opted for other opportunities. Eleven of us showed up at SEHS lot, and we were to pick up two more at the Brownsville exit. The day was clear and promised to be hot. Because of the number of participants, the leader split the group into two. The leader has never seen a better display of wildflowers. We started hiking around 9:30 and got back around 3:00. We got back to town at about 4:30. The parking area is 4100 and the lookout site is 5646 feet. The book claims 300 species of flowering plants have been documented at what is called Oregon’s most accessible site. We saw vanillaleaf, thimbleberry, star-flowered false Solomon’s seal, false Solomon’s seal, ocean spray, queen’s cup lily, dwarf dogwood, bleedingheart, trilium, columbine, tall bluebell, sitka valerian, anenome, yellow wood violet, red elderberry, wild strawberry, windflower, candyflower, salmonberry, bluebell, cow-parsnip, thimbleberry, foamflower, Oregon grape, broad-leaved starflower, cliff larkspur, Cascade penstemon, beargrass, prince’s-pine, black huckleberry, Cardwell’s penstemon, rock penstemon, goatsbeard, coral-root orchid, Oregon sunshine, cat’s-ear lily, virgate phacelia, stonecrop, small-flowered penstemon, sticky cinquefoil, scarlet gilia, serviceberry, lupine, Indian paintbrush, buckwheat, yarrow, Jacob’s ladder, calypso orchid, monkeyflower, and many more we couldn’t identify.

Members: Joan Abel, Jane Allen, Les Brod, Marian Brod, Allan Coons (leader), Bob Foster, Nola Nelson, Micki Webber and Sue Wolling. Nonmembers: Michelle Nugent, Sarah Nugent, Paul Seeman and Gail Wahl.

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