Tire Mountain

June 17, 2006

Six of us met at SEHS at 7:45. We did introductions and piled into the van and set off for Highway 58, Aufterheide Drive and Forest Service Roads to the Alpine trailhead. The weather was cool and overcast, although clearing was promised for later. Mountain bicycles and rain had made grooves in the wet earth with puddles and mushy mud in places. The trail passes through old growth forest and numerous meadows. The flowers and vegetation varied according to the orientation. We had lunch at the former lookout site at 4329 feet elevation. Finally the sun began to break through and by 1:00 it was almost clear. Diamond Peak and the Three Sisters were visible when the vegetation permitted.

We saw bleeding hearts, yellow wood violets, candyflowers, larkspur, pink plectritis, yellow monkey flowers, camas, thimbleberry, parrot beak, penstemon, wild ginger, foam flower, Oregon grape, sorrel, vanilla leaf, dwarf dogwood (thimbleberry), ocean spray, trillium, false solomon’s seal, columbine, coral-root orchid, stonecrop, yarrow, bluefield gilia, phacelia, cat’s ear lily (or tulip), fool’s onion (hyancinth), deltoid balsamroot, twinflower, beargrass, Bradshaw’s lomatium, blue-eyed Mary and more. We were a week or two late for some blossoms and a week or two early for others—the leader had never seen a better display on this hike.

Hikers were Jane Allen, Robbie Shelton, Linda Christensen, Fran Cope, and Allan Coons, leader.

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