Siltcoos River/Carter Lake Dunes

June 15, 2006

This trip starts out along the river bank and then winds up into the coastal trees. There are several excellent views of the estuary from the higher trail. We were privileged to be able to watch a heron swallow a large fish and then see it fly off. At the beach we observed two groups of sea lions and their babies lounging at the surf line while seven brown pelicans flew overhead. During our lunch stop back at a picnic table near the river we wished we had a bird expert with us to tell us what bird had the distinctive call we were hearing. On the walk through, over and up the Carter Lake dunes we saw lots of animal tracks. Those that we could identify included raccoon, deer, both adult and babies and to top it off, what appeared to be very fresh bear prints. (Barb Revere took photos to prove the sighting). There were many other small footprints that we made wild guesses about. With the winter movement of the dunes and the extensive growth of small plants, shrubs and trees, this landscape is ever changing and I can only speculate how long the sand will be visible. Hikers included members Max Brown, Maggie Gontrum, Sherwood Jefferies, Barb Revere and leader, Sheila Ward.

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